Keene City Podcast


Keene City Podcast is our very own municipal podcast in partnership with Caleb Hodges at PodMosh. 

This show is to be a liaison between the City of Keene and our residents. Communication is key to understanding what is going on around us and this podcast will do just that. 

Our Goal with Keene City Podcast is to highlight how the City operates. We will be discussing what each department does, the services we provide, as well as discuss issues facing Keene.  

Every Monday morning, an update on Keene will publish with a monthly conversation with leaders of the city.

Questions from the public are welcome. All questions can be sent to 

Once uploaded, the podcasts can be listened to here, as well as Apple and Spotify.


  1. #26 Bernie Parker

    Check out this week's episode where I have great conversation with Bernie Parker, the City Manager within the City of Keene. In this conversation, we talk about his experience with Hurricane Katrina and how that shaped who he is today within his...

  2. Episode #25

    Check out this week's episode!

  3. Episode #24

    Check out this week's updates!

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