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  1. Key Issue Agreement
  2. In return for the loan of the keys above, I agree: (please initial each)
  3. (Initials)
  4. There is a $50 deposit fee per key ring. Deposit will be returned when key(s) are returned.
  5. (Initials)
  6. Not to give or loan the key to others.
  7. (Initials)
  8. Not to make any attempts to copy, alter, duplicate, or reproduce the key.
  9. (Initials)
  10. To use the key for authorized purposes only.
  11. (Initials)
  12. To safeguard and store the key securely.
  13. (Initials)
  14. To immediately report any lost or stolen keys.
  15. (Initials)
  16. Produce or surrender the key upon official request.
  17. (Initials)
  18. If the key is lost, stolen, or not surrendered when requested, a charge that reflects the cost of changing all locks affected may be assessed.
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