Tax Structure

Property Taxes

Property taxes are assessed per $100 value of real and personal property. Residents and Businesses in the City of Keene pay property taxes to: 

  • ESD Number 1
  • Hill College
  • Johnson County
  • Keene Independent School District (ISD) / Cleburne ISD / Alvarado ISD or Joshua ISD
  • Lateral Road
JurisdictionTax Rate
Johnson County0.384
City of Keene0.867
Keene ISD1.299
ESD Number 10.60
Lateral Road0.040
Hill College0.049

Sales Taxes

Sales taxes are capped at 8.25% in Texas. The City of Keene collects 2% in sales tax and the State of Texas collects 6.25%.

City of Keene Sales Tax Deposits - FY 2004 through 2017 Chart

Income Taxes

Individuals in Texas are not subject to income tax.